Wooden Framed Windows

We are a small, family operated business in Sydney, NSW.
We have a friendly approach and affordable prices and solutions compare to big companies. We do work with high standards, quality finish and proper warranty.

You have been watching your old windows falling apart long enough, why don’t you give us a call?

We offer free quotation with no obligation. A short email with a photo could be sent to us as well. It will not cost you any $ to share your wooden window or door problem.

We have solutions for :

  • wooden windows or doors
  • when you do not want to replace them completely or you don’t know.
  • the wind blows through of your closed window.
  • dangerous for kids or to used them safely.
  • they are rotten, not functioning, painted shut, falling apart, not sealed, glass is broken, does not stay up, rattling in wind.
  • the painting is too old and peeling off.
  • great acoustic seal and new double glass need to be installed.
  • or just simply too old and nobody wants to work on them.

Call Andrew on 0450 73 73 64


The professional history in short:

We have been in the window repair business for 3 years in Sydney.

I used to train and lead many carpenters to repair and seal wooden windows with very high standards successfully.

I was employed as a project manager on big sites.

The background of this knowledge comes from a European carpenter and builder education since 1991.